• Announcing Handle With Care: Jimmy Akingbola

    TriForce Productions first feature documentary will be hitting your screens this Autumn on ITV.

    In this deeply personal film, acclaimed actor Jimmy Akingbola traces his own journey and, in doing so, uncovers the truth about growing up in the care system in England.

    Now a celebrated actor, starring in award-winning, global productions across film, television and theatre including Bel-Air, In The Long Run and Most Dangerous Game, Jimmy reflects on how his upbringing shaped him. 

    Exec Producer Fraser Ayres said “We’re very excited to be working on such a personal story as our first documentary. Not only does this revealing programme explore Jimmy’s upbringing, we also take a wider look at the experiences of those growing up in care in the UK.”


    Triforce Productions is pleased to announce our new sitcom ‘Dead Canny’, premiering Wednesday 24th August 2022 on Dave at 10pm. Dead Canny follows ‘Kay’ (Sarah Balfour), a questionable young psychic from Consett, Co. Durham, whose ability to see dead people earns her a few quid cash-in-hand down the local pub. Unfortunately, it turns out people are just as annoying dead as they were alive.

    Sarah Balfour as Kay

    Our stellar cast stars: newcomer Sarah Balfour, Laoise Sweeney, Denise Welch, Dean Bone, Steph Lacey, Mark Benton, Aryana Ramkhalawon, Rhea Bailey and our very own Fraser Ayres!

    ‘Dead Canny’ is written by the talented Anna Costello, who is one of the finalists from our popular WriterSlam competition which had writers vying for an opportunity to have their project produced and broadcast on Dave in partnership with UKTV.

    WriterSlam is Triforce Creative Networks writers programme to help TV production companies and broadcasters access UK based new writers from diverse backgrounds who represent the society that we live in, and who will offer different perspectives, experiences and opinions. The initiative with UKTV was to encourage writers to tell a story we’ve never seen on TV before, or whether it’s simply a universal story told by a different voice.

    Three other productions will also be shown as part of the season, they include: Holier Than Thou written by Misha Adesanya and produced by Big Deal Films, Perfect written by Laurence Clark and produced by Happy Tramp, and The Other Half written by Kate Reid and Zak Ghazi-Torbati and produced by Ranga Bee.Pete Thornton, Head of Scripted, UKTV, said, “We’re excited to be working with TriForce Creative Network and DandI.org.uk on this unique UKTV WriterSlam and to be throwing this opportunity open to all underrepresented voices from any background”.

    Fraser Ayres, Executive Producer and CEO of TriForce Creative Network, said “This is what a ‘360° approach’ actually looks like. If we’re going to find more Michaela Cole’s and Tim Renkow’s we need to develop pathways that provide access and then perhaps those much needed voices won’t have to traverse so many obstacles to be heard. This move is unprecedented and kudos to UKTV for taking this tangible and giant step to truly move the dial with us.”

    Minnie Ayres, Executive Producer and dandI.org.uk CEO, said “By utilising our dandI.org.uk talent pool, we’re in a unique position to ensure inclusion and open access at all levels” added “From creatives to crew this will be fully inclusive, allowing us to also address the gaps we have identified by levelling up talent that is ready, but yet to be given their shot”.

    Dead Canny’ will premiere on UKTV’s award-winning comedy entertainment channel Dave, at 10pm, Wednesday 24 August 2022!

  • Be in the audience for SIDK Season 3!

    Free tickets are now available to book for the studio recording of Sorry, I Didn’t Know season 3!

    We’re very excited that ‘Sorry, I Didn’t Know…’ the comedy panel show about Black history is returning this year for season 3!

    TriForce needs YOU!

    We’ll be filming the show at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith Sun 12 June – Tues 14 June and once again this year there are FIVE shows.

    The show is a hilarious comedy panel show, unearthing everything you didn’t know about black history. We’ve all heard of Mary Seacole and Martin Luther King, but did you know that the first self-made female millionaire was black? Or that the inspiration for the character Monostatos in Mozart’s The Magic Flute’ was black classical composer Joseph Bologne?

    We’ve got an amazing panel lined up for the show, including our host Jimmy Akingbola, the lovely Chizzy Akudolu and guest appearances from the likes of White Yardie, our favourite Chaser Shaun Wallace, Russell Kane and Verona Rose.

    For more information and to book your ticket, click the button below!

  • The TCN Talent Pool

    Are you Production Crew

    looking for work and opportunities?

    We launched the TCN Talent Pool in 2018 and now work with over 70 productions companies across 100’s of productions, to help them find talented crew for scripted and unscripted TV and film, all over the UK.

    This is a free, non-exclusive service, so you can sign up to as many other diary services, databases and agents as you wish. We don’t charge a monthly fee or take commission, and work closely with agents – It’s completely free!

    We’re sure you have a few questions, so you can scroll down for more information.

    Who is it for? 

    Currently we’re looking for behind the camera talent at all levels. So whether you’re a make up artist, a series producer, a camera operator, in VFX or post production or any other role, this is for you.

    Are you a director, writer or producer in film or TV? Then this is also for you.

    Other Film and TV roles
    Do you work in Film or TV as a commissioner or development exec? As an office runner or assistant? Then this is also for you.

    All levels of experience
    Whether you’re just starting out, or have been working for years, we want to hear from you.

    Inclusive Talent
    We’re looking for people from ALL walks of life, so whatever your background, you are welcome in the TCN Talent Pool.

    How does it work?

    You can apply for jobs as a one off, but you can also register to our candidate portal which will keep your profile, to make it easier for you to apply for future roles.

    When we work with production companies and broadcasters, they tell us what they are looking for in terms of roles, level of experience etc… We’ll then look through our talent pool to find people who match the requirements the best. We might contact you at this point to do a quick availability check and then we’ll hand over the details of the relevant people to the production company for them to contact you directly. (You’ll see a box you will need to tick on the form giving us permission to do this).

    That’s it! We can’t promise to keep you working constantly but it is another place to find work and it’s all free to talent – we don’t believe you should pay simply for the opportunity to be considered for work.

    We’ll be looking at developing the service going forward, with feedback from users about what they want to see – e.g. job adverts, email updates etc… But to start with we’re keeping it nice and simple.

    Will my data be safe?

    We take looking after your data very seriously. This database is not publicly searchable. Only TCN employees will be able to view your details.  We will contact you before submitting your details to employers for suitable roles.

    You can access the TCN Talent Pool Here!

  • DandI.org.uk

    The Diversity and Inclusion Support Service

    D and I is a one-stop diversity and inclusion service that gives our partners the tailored support they need to not only meet diversity and inclusion targets, but to far exceed them.

    With a focus on under-represented groups, (Under-represented ethnicities, LGBTQ, disabled talent, as well as addressing opportunity poverty and gender inequality) we act as a ‘bolt-on’ D&I department for any organisation.

    We utilise our UK wide, fully inclusive network alongside an internal Crew Talent Pool of 19K+, to deliver off-screen talent from all walks of life, and at all levels of experience – from trainee to HOD, intern to executive, clerical and creative.

    Supporting productions as well as the talent we place, we provide an end-to-end recruitment process based on a full understanding of the time and resource constraints productions face, in a way that goes far beyond a ‘database’; we make it easy to find the talent you need with minimal drain on your resources.

    D and I is currently working closely with broadcasters, SVOD’s and over 70 production companies, putting out over 900 roles across over 300 productions since January 2021 alone.

    It is this crew, at all levels, that we are placing across dramas such as Hat Trick Mercurio’s Stephen Lawrence drama, Killing Eve, Gangs of London and The Confessions of Frannie Langton, as well as in unscripted productions such as Made in Chelsea, The Masked Singer, The Proms and Have I Got News For you.

    Click Here to go to DandI.org.uk

  • TriForce Productions

    TriForce Productions was formed in 2015 to bring the ethos of inclusion of which TheTCN is known for, to our screens.

    Diverse content for mainstream audiences

    Spanning Scripted and unscripted productions, we develop and support talent with unique voices, to create content that speaks across demographics and yet still maintaining absolute authenticity.

    With a firm belief in supporting burgeoning production talent in their career trajectories, all of our shows contain integrated pathways and ‘upskilling’ roles to ensure that the talent behind the camera are as reflective of the content we see on our screens, and that there are sustainable paths for those who may get overlooked in our industry.

    Click Here to go to TriForce Productions

  • Welcome to the TriForce Creative Network!

    The TriForce Creative Network was founded in 2003 with a core focus of addressing the issues in our industry regarding diversity, inclusion, access, and social mobility.

    Over the past 19 years, the TCN/Dandi.org.uk has altered the routes of access for thousands of individuals and affected fundamental change in how our industry discovers and engages with diverse talent, the impact of which can be seen through the uplift in on and off-screen representation and the talent we have supported over the years that now populate the TV & Film industry.

    Are you talent looking for work?

    The TCN Talent Pool is an entirely free portal for production crew to sign up and be considered for work across the TV & Film Industry.

    Are you looking for Production Crew/Talent?

    Dandi.org.uk is a one-stop diversity and inclusion service that gives our partners the tailored support they need to not only meet diversity and inclusion targets, but to far exceed them.

    D and I is currently working closely with broadcasters, SVOD’s and over 70 production companies, putting out over 900 roles across over 300 productions since January 2021 alone.

    Groundbreaking Content that pushes the boundaries of what inclusive content can be.

    TriForce Productions work spans Scripted and unscripted productions, developing and supporting the talent of our network to create content that speaks across demographics and yet still maintains absolute authenticity.

  • How to access the NEW TCN Talent Pool!

    We’ve had a bit of a makeover with our jobs site! Check out the info here on how to access the new site, find your profile if you’ve already registered, or set up a new profile if you’re new to us!

    We are now working with over 70 production companies and broadcasters and have updated the system to make it even easier for you to look for work and apply for jobs.

    Now you can:

    • Apply for jobs directly from your profile
    • See previous job applications
    • Have complete control over your profile for uploading latest CV, updates/corrections etc.
    • ‘One-Click Apply’ for jobs.

    I already had a profile on the TCN Talent Pool – how do I access my profile on the new site?

    You won’t need to fill in your profile again! (A collective sigh of relief…)

    Click THIS LINK and click ‘Forgot Password’, where you’ll be directed to a page to assign a new password, which will then connect you to your profile.

    -PLEASE NOTE- For it to be able to find and link to your account, you need to enter the SAME email address that you ORIGINALLY SIGNED UP to the TCN Talent Pool with.

    Once that’s done, you can now access your new profile!

    Please take a look and make sure all of your information is up to date and correct as the more information you provide, the more effective we can be in finding you the perfect job.

    Then what?

    You can then log into your candidate portal and apply for jobs directly from there. Just click the ‘Jobs’ tab on the left hand side.

    You can also access all our jobs on the new Career Site here  where you can see all the current jobs as well as login to your profile. (Click Sign In on the top right hand corner to log in!)

    Applying for a job –

    You can now apply for jobs with just one click using the ‘Easy Apply’ button at the top of every job post.

    This will then automatically take your CV, profile details and Personal Statement (So make sure they’re up to date!) and apply you for the job.

    If any additional information is required, a pop-up questionnaire for you to fill in any details will appear.

    I’m new to the TCN Talent Pool, how do I set up a profile?

    Simply go to the new Career Site here and click Register in the top right hand corner.

    Can I apply for jobs without registering?

    You can, just look at the job you’re interested in on the career site, click I’m interested and then you can fill in a form just for that job. However, if you take the time to register, you’ll only have to fill that form in once, instead of every time you apply!

  • Announcing UKTV WriterSlam Finalists!

    Following the initiative announcement earlier this year, UKTV and TriForce Creative Network today announce the four finalists of the UKTV WriterSlam competition for UKTV’s award-winning entertainment channel Dave. As part of UKTV’s commitment to shining a spotlight on diverse and emerging talent, the four single episodes (4×30′) include Dead Canny written by Anna CostelloHolier Than Thou written by Misha AdesanyaPerfect (W/T) written by Laurence Clark, and The Other Half written by Kate Reid and Zak Ghazi-Torbati.

    Fraser Ayres, CEO of TriForce Creative Network said:

    This has been a fantastic opportunity to build on our previous WriterSlam success. The partnership with UKTV has enabled us to offer writers’ not just a paid development commission but the chance to actually get their original scripts filmed and broadcast, fulfilling our ‘bedroom to broadcast’ aims. We are very excited to be taking Anna Costello’s script, Dead Canny, through to production with TriForce Productions and will be working with the other production companies involved to help them crew up in a diverse and inclusive way that reflects their projects through our sister company, Dandi.org.uk. 

    Sarah Asante, commissioning editor, comedy said:

    I was delighted to join the UKTV scripted comedy team just as they had launched a search for emerging diverse writers. The added commitment from the Dave team by offering the initiative a transmission target set the bar really high for our search. We have proudly developed shows that organically span the nations and regions, showcasing the breadth of storytelling from across the UK. This initiative has demystified the script to screen process in a unique way and has nurtured enormous growth in confidence and vision from the writers, which has been a pleasure to witness. It’s been heartening for us at UKTV to see what can happen when we invite new writers to share their dreams and talents with us and the wider industry. I also want to thank our impressive production partners for taking this leap and going on this journey with us.

    Each writer will be partnered with a production company to create the single episode for UKTV and filming will start in the new year, with casting underway for diverse and underrepresented talent.

    Dead Canny (Anna Costello) will be produced by TriForce Productions with Fraser and Minnie Ayres as executive producers and Jon Macqueen as producer. It follows a questionable young psychic from Consett, Co. Durham, whose ability to see dead people not only earns her a few quid cash-in-hand down the local pub, but also lands her as the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

    Holier Than Thou (Misha Adesanya) will be produced by Big Deal and executive produced by Thomas Stogdon (Dreaming Whilst Black). Set in contemporary Manchester, it follows the journey of three young adults as they navigate sex, faith, and relationships, while attending the conservative, African Evangelical church they were raised in.

    Perfect (W/T) (Laurence Clark) will be produced by Happy Tramp North and executive produced by Neil Webster. Set in Liverpool, three young disabled people become unexpected friends when they meet on a half-cocked and pointless work preparation scheme. Together they navigate life, dating, and a system that seems designed to only benefit the people who run it.

    The Other Half (Kate Reid and Zak Ghazi-Torbati) will be produced by Ranga Bee Productions with Romesh Ranganathan, Benjamin Green and Michelle Farr-Scott as executive producers. It follows 20-something Navid who is half-Welsh, half-Iranian and 100% that bitch, who gets the chance to escape his small Welsh town when he lands an internship in the big city: Bristol. But as he runs headlong into his new life, shacking up with his best friend and her painfully privileged family, he’s also running away from his old life in the closet, living with his overprotective father. And the more he tries to keep the two halves of his life apart, the more they keep crashing into each other.

    The series of episodes have been written as part of the UKTV WriterSlam, with TriForce Creative Network and Dandi.org.uk. The scripts are commissioned by Sarah Asante, UKTV commissioning editor, comedy and ordered by Dave channel director, Cherie Cunningham and Pete Thornton, UKTV’s head of scripted. Richard Watsham is the UKTV’s director of commissioning and Steve North is genre general manager, comedy and entertainment.

  • Sorry I Didn’t Know S2!

    We had a blast filming the new series of Sorry, I Didn’t Know this summer, and it’s hitting our screens on Sunday 03 October at 10.20pm on ITV!

    Make sure you tune in every Sunday during October for a frolic through time with host, Jimmy Akingbola who will be helped (or hindered!) on his journey into Black British history by team leaders Chizzy Akudolu and Judi Love. We’ve got some amazing guests joining the crew this year, so make sure you set your set top box reminder!

    ITV, Sundays at 10.20pm from 03 October!

    Join the conversation on our Instagram @SIDKTV and Twitter @SIDKTelly! #SIDK

  • Looking For Louis Winner!

    We’re very excited to announce the finalists and winner of our Looking For Louis competition, in association with Mindhouse, Amazon Studios and Edinburgh TV Festival.

    Our six finalists were:

    Alim Jayda – Both Parents Deaf

    Ginna Cheng – Becoming a Chess Boxer

    Jessica Brady – A Male Stripper Experience

    Remel London – My Grandad’s Secret Society

    Sharon Walia – Queerjabis

    Tiger Cohen-Towell – As God Intended

    Their micro documentaries were completed in just a week, after their pitches were selected from over 600 entries.

    The finalist films were showcased at a live session with Louis Theroux today at Edinburgh TV Festival, with the winner announced as well.

    Our overall winner was Ginnia Cheng for her exploration of the strange and wonderful world of Chess Boxing!

    Ginna wins a six-month, exclusive option with Mindhouse. She will work together with Mindhouse’s creative team to develop projects and pitch them to commissioners with the aim of winning commissions that will be executive produced by Mindhouse and authored or presented by Ginnia.

    In addition, Amazon Studios will offer Ginnia a bespoke 12 month programme of mentoring and training to help them achieve their career goals.

    All six films are available to view on the Edinburgh TV Festival app, along with the films of our other shortlisted filmmakers, Emb Hashmi, Iman Amrani, Rakeem Omar and Tasnim Nazeer.

    Congratulations to all!

    If you’re interested in meeting with any of the shortlisted or finalist filmmakers, please do get in touch on [email protected].

  • Laurence Clark joins UKTV WriterSlam!

    We have another addition to our UKTV WriterSlam pathway! Laurence Clark will be joining the team developing his sitcom idea, Perfect.

    Laurence Clark is an internationally-acclaimed comedian, writer and actor who has cerebral palsy.  His observational, political stand-up and filmed stunts demonstrate the endearing naivety and ridiculousness of human behaviour by seeing the world through his eyes with humour and warmth.  He’s performed everywhere from the House of Commons to a double-decker bus in Sheffield.

    We can’t wait to see the final drafts of all the writers work in the Autumn!