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  • WriterSlam Judges Announced!

    We have some amazing judges on our panel for WriterSlam on Tues 27 November.

    Working with C21 WritersRoom and Content London, this judging panel draws drama execs from production companies, channels and studios from all over the world. We’ve got representatives from BBC Drama, HBO and Platform One Media, as well as writers and producers who’ve worked on shows such as Criminal Minds, Spooks and Heroes.

    Check them out here and make sure you grab a ticket to do some serious networking!

    Tickets are £15 and include a free drink!


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  • WriterSlam Finalists Announced!

    The WriterSlam Finalists have now been announced!

    We are very excited to announce our finalists for WriterSlam 2018 in association with C21 WritersRoom and Content London. We had a huge number of submissions and decided to select 6 scripts for the final. The finalist writers and their scripts are:

    Caitlin McEwan – The Push

    James Brennan – The Unguvernable

    Naida Redgrave – Wild Island

    Steadman Gbajumo – Undercover

    Tsonko Bumbalov – Endless Forest

    Terry Clark – Familiar People

    What Happens Now?

    The 6 finalists will take part in a script workshop with renowned Exec Producer Michael Jacob. These 6 writers will be taught how to generate an industry standard pitch and synopsis, as well as receiving in-depth advice and expertise.

    The 6 finalists will have their extracts performed at the WriterSlam event at Content London at 8pm on 27th November at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. The event is open to the public and will have a large industry attendance, so should be a great networking event. To come along and support new talent, book your ticket here.

    What are the prizes?

    All finalists will receive a complimentary ticket worth £899 to The International Drama Summit at Content London (November 27-29). They will also receive a place on the two-day WritersRoom Showrunner Masterclass. (November 29/30), as well as a working lunch with Kelly Edwards, HBO’s SVP of talent development during Content London.

    The winner will also receive a £1500 script option including one-year development deal that will see notes on the script given by a collection of leading showrunners and drama business executives.

  • WriterSlam Returns!

    WriterSlam Returns in partnership with the #1 global drama industry festival; Content London and C21 WritersRoom! 

    Are you a writer looking to break into the TV industry?

    Building on the success of our MonologueSlam UK initiative for actors, WriterSlam UK is our programme to help TV production companies and broadcasters access new and established writers from diverse backgrounds.  These TV industry professionals then support the writers in their career development, providing tangible outcomes for participants.

    We’re looking for new voices for television, who come from all backgrounds. We champion diversity of experience – if you include everyone, you don’t need to exclude anyone.

    For this new WriterSlam, we’re proud to be partnering with the world’s leading drama business conference and festival; Content London. This event, which takes place between November 26 and 30, sees 2000 of the world’s leading drama executives come into town to meet and plan their future scripted strategies.

    Building on their development of new talent through script competitions and the C21 WritersRoom, C21 will be using its unique position in the international drama market to partner with other production companies to bring unique and original scripts to an international audience.

    Through the WriterSlam, Content London is looking to provide fresh, diverse talent an opportunity to share and develop their untold stories with help from industry experts. They’re looking for writers with exciting, original ideas for drama projects with an international appeal, across the breadth of the scripted drama genre, including thrillers, procedurals, one off dramas and comedy drama.

    The winning writer will be selected by the WritersRoom team, which includes some of the world’s leading showrunners, responsible for series including Heroes, Spooks and Criminal Minds. Following their win, they will receive a £1500 option and work with the WritersRoom team over 12 months to develop their idea into a full episode script, with the potential for further development into a series.

    David Jenkinson, C21Media’s editor-in-chief & managing director, said: “Through our Writers Room initiative at Content London we are aiming to develop some of the most exciting new writing talent and connect it with the global drama business. Everyone is in town for this event, from Amazon and Netflix to the US networks and drama commissioners from around the world. We can provide unique access to these executives and help emerging writers develop with the international drama market in mind.”

    The five selected finalists will have extracts of their work performed at Content London’s International Drama Summit on Tuesday 27th November, when the winner will be selected by a panel of judges. The event will be attended by international TV execs as well as UK industry.

    Our last WriterSlam winner was Katrina Smith-Jackson, who won with her drama Tilbury Rush. She developed the script with Sky and TriForce Productions, culminating in an industry table read and has since signed with renowned literary agency Casarotto Ramsey and Associates.

    WriterSlam is open to everyone – you do not have to have an agent or have written anything before.

    Submissions are open from 09 October 2018 and will close on 27 October 2018. For more information on how to submit, go the WriterSlam page.

  • Pitch it! | Win Short Film Funding!

    TriForce Short Film Festival and Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE present: Pitch it! | A chance for short filmmakers to win funding for their next film!

    TriForce Short Film Festival have teamed up with London based financier, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE to give UK based filmmakers the opportunity to win funding for their next project.

    The competition will be looking for filmmakers to pitch an idea for a short film, with the finalists getting to pitch live to Allesch-Taylor’s team at the TriForce Short Film Festival on Saturday 1st December at BAFTA. Successful filmmakers will have one year to finish their film.

    Allesch-Taylor set up a £1m short film fund in 2017 and has already funded over 25 films from this initiative. He is looking to “instil a sense of entrepreneurship into short form content” and would like to see applications not just from projects looking for full funding, but also from projects that may have some funding already in place but need some more to get ‘over the line’.

    The Festival Director of TriForce Short Film Festival, Minnie Ayres, said, “we’re very excited to build on our partnership with Stefan Allesch-Taylor. This is a fantastic opportunity for filmmakers to bid for funding for their project and we can’t wait to see the range of applications. We’re looking for ideas with something to make them stand out, whether that’s an undiscovered talent attached, or a really original idea.”

    If you’re interested in applying, submissions are open from 3rd October – 2nd November. You can find all the details on how to apply here.

  • Announcing the MicroPitch Winners!

    We’re very excited to announce the winners for the TriForce Short Film Festival and Into Film MicroPitch competition!

    The competition asked young filmmakers aged 16-19 years to pitch us an idea for a microshort film which could be filmed on a mobile phone. The winners will be invited to attend a workshop on mobile film making in Birmingham, and then be awarded £250 to help make their film.

    The completed films will be screened at BAFTA as part of the TriForce Short Film Festival 2018, with the filmmakers invited to take part in a seminar panel, explaining how they made their films and talking about the techniques involved in mobile filmmaking!

    We were blown away by the great standard of ideas, and actually ended up choosing 6 winners instead of just 4! The winners are:

    Adam Bird – In the Deep End

    Radha Bhandari – The Ghost of a Flea

    Ada Urbaniak – Hallow’een Drop Outs

    Hamzah Al – Small Bump

    Shivani Basran – Dear You

    Savannah Hall – Music

    We look forward to meeting them at the workshop and seeing their completed films at the TriForce Short Film Festival on Saturday 1st December at BAFTA!

    To find out more about the festival go to

    To find out more about Into Film go to

  • The TCN Talent Pool Launches!

    Looking for work in film and TV?

    We’re launching a new service for crew and production talent. 

    The TriForce Creative Network now has around 35,000 members. We’re regularly approached by production companies and broadcasters looking for crew, at all levels, as well as broadcasters and other organisations looking to fill permanent roles. We’re going to be working more closely with these companies through our new initiative Dandi so the demand is already increasing.

    We want to make it easier for us to connect our huge network with these opportunities so we’d like to invite you to sign up to our new service, the TCN Talent Pool. This is a free, non-exclusive service, so you can sign up to as many other diary services, databases and agents as you wish. We don’t charge a monthly fee or take commission, it’s completely free.

    We’re sure you have a few questions, so you can scroll down for more information.

    Who is it for? 

    Currently we’re looking for behind the camera talent at all levels. So whether you’re a make up artist, a series producer, a camera operator, in VFX or post production or any other role, this is for you.

    Are you a director, writer or producer in film or TV? Then this is also for you.

    Other Film and TV roles
    Do you work in Film or TV as a commissioner or development exec? As an office runner or assistant? Then this is also for you.

    All levels of experience
    Whether you’re just starting out, or have been working for years, we want to hear from you.

    Inclusive Talent
    We’re looking for people from ALL walks of life, so whatever your background, you are welcome in the TCN Talent Pool.

    How does it work?

    All you need to do is fill in the form and upload a CV and profile picture.

    When we work with production companies and broadcasters, they tell us what they are looking for in terms of roles, level of experience etc… We’ll then look through our talent pool to find people who match the requirements the best. We might contact you at this point to do a quick availability check and then we’ll hand over the details of the relevant people to the production company for them to contact you directly. (You’ll see a box you will need to tick on the form giving us permission to do this).

    That’s it. We can’t promise to keep you working constantly but it is another place to find work and it’s all free to talent – we don’t believe you should pay simply for the opportunity to be considered for work.

    We’ll be looking at developing the service going forward, with feedback from users about what they want to see – e.g. job adverts, email updates etc… But to start with we’re keeping it nice and simple.

    Will my data be safe?

    We take looking after your data very seriously. This database is not publicly searchable. Only TCN employees will be able to view your details.  We will contact you before submitting your details to employers for suitable roles.

    How do I sign up?

    Just click the button and go to our online form to sign up for free.

    Register Now

  • Announcing the MicroPitch Competition!


    16-19 years old filmmakers are being offered the chance to pitch for funding and support to make a ‘microshort’ on their mobile phone, with 4 winning films screened at BAFTA as part of the annual TriForce Short Film Festival.

    We’re teaming up with Into Film to offer 16-19 year olds the opportunity to pitch an idea for a microshort film (2-5 minutes long), shot on a mobile phone. 4 winning teams of two will be selected to take part in a mobile phone making workshop and will receive production funding to complete their projects of £250 each!

    All 4 completed films will then be showcased at BAFTA as part of the TriForce Short Film Festival on 1st December 2018, with the young filmmakers invited to attend and speak on a seminar panel about the process! You’ll get support along the way from Into Film and TriForce as well.

    How to enter

    If you’ve got a great idea for a microshort film, and are 16 -19 years old, we want to hear from you!

    We’re doing our entries through Film Freeway, a free platform that brings together film festival from all over the world. All you need to enter is click on the button below and fill in the form. You’ll also need to attach:

    1. A one page of A4 outlining your idea for a microshort film (2-5 minutes long) that could be shot on a mobile phone. This doesn’t have to be a full script, just a description of the idea.

    2. A reference from a parent/guardian/teacher/youth worker. This just needs to be their name and contact details and a sentence saying they support your entry.

    You can enter as an individual or as a team of two.

    It’s completely free to enter.

    What Happens Next?

    The deadline for entries is 31st August. After that, we’ll sit down with Into Film and pick our 4 favourite ideas.

    These 4 filmmaking teams will be invited to a mobile film making workshop on Saturday 11th August. Into Film will be able to support with travel costs to make sure all those selected can make it.

    After the workshop, you’ll have all the expertise you need to make your film. You’ll be given a budget of £250 per team for your film. You’ll go home and make the film yourselves (with support from Into Film).

    The 4 films will all be shown at the TriForce Short Film Festival on Saturday 1st December at BAFTA in London! All our filmmakers will be invited to come to the festival and speak on a seminar panel before the screening about the mobile film making process and how they made their films. Again, Into Film will be able to support with travel costs for this.

    Good luck and we look forward to seeing your ideas! Click HERE to enter.

  • Content London Partners with TriForce Creative Network

    We’re very excited to announce that TriForce Creative Network will be partnering with C21’s international drama conference, Content London in November 2018.

    As well as showcasing TriForce Short Film Festival finalist’s work to an industry audience, we’ll also be hosting a WriterSlam event at the conference, with many delegates from across the globe expected to attend.

    It’s a fantastic opportunity for the talent we support to be seen by scripted execs from both the UK and the US, and helps us further our aims to offer as many career development opportunities as we can to the talent we support.

    We’ll be announcing more information about the WriterSlam event shortly, so make sure you’re signed up to the mailing list so you don’t miss out.

    You can read all about the partnership in C21 here.

  • TriForce Launch ‘One-Stop’ Diversity & Inclusion Support Service

    The team behind TriForce Creative Network have launched a new support service called Dandi. Specifically created for the arts and entertainment industry, the service will help companies and organisations diversify their workforce and reach out to a broader range of talent- on and off screen. Dandi will also offer an industry recognized ‘stamp of approval’ which will be especially useful to production companies looking to show their commitment to broadcasters’ diversity targets.

    A ‘bolt on’ diversity and inclusion department for organisations, the services offered by Dandi will be available to a broad range of companies, including broadcasters, production companies, distributors, theatres and agents. Dandi provides a bespoke service that covers consultancy, recruitment support, organising networking events, as well as offering support on bigger talent development initiatives.

    Dandi is not about creating another training scheme or initiative, but about making it easy for the industry to access diverse talent, at all levels, without increasing the time and resource pressures so inherent in our industry.


    Fraser Ayres, CEO of Dandi and TriForce Creative Network, explained As TriForce Creative Network weve been at the forefront of developing and nurturing diverse and inclusive talent for 15 years. Dandi has been created to offer a one stop shop for organisations to connect with talent from across the UK. By signing up to Dandi, organisations will be helping to support the vital work we do to open up opportunities in the industry to talent from all walks of life.

    Proceeds from the organisation will support the work TriForce do to improve access into the industry – including programmes such as MonologueSlam UK, the TriForce Short Film Festival and WriterSlam.

    Dandi was launched today at the Media Production Show at Olympia, as part of the TriForce Creative Network’s seminar on alternative routes into the industry. Speakers included Ade Rawcliffe, (Head of Diversity for ITV Commissioning), Miranda Wayland, (Diversity Lead, BBC Studios) and Fraser Ayres, CEO of TriForce Creative Network.

    Dandi has been widely welcomed by the industry as a “brilliant and necessary” service.

    I have been waiting for a talent service like Dandi – in a world where finally diversity is being taken seriously, it will be invaluable to be able to tap into the expertise and relationships TCN has.

    Samantha Lawrence – MD, Monkey Kingdom (a division of NBC Universal)

    The TCN have been nurturing and supporting diverse talent for many years. Dandi helps pull together their talented network in one place for production companies to utilise with ease. It’s a great help in crewing up and addressing on and off-screen diversity and making sure production companies can meet broadcasters D&I targets.

    Anjani Patel – Head of Diversity, PACT

    I regularly see great projects from companies that are struggling to fulfil ITV’s Social Partnership requirements on diversity. With 15 years of the TCN’s talent development work behind it, Dandi is exactly the support they need. Their mark of approval shows me that production companies are serious about inclusion and are actively doing something about it, which gives me confidence they’ll be able to hit those targets. 

    Asif Zubairy – Commissioning Editor, Comedy and Entertainment, ITV

    I’ve seen first-hand the tangible outcomes The TCN have generated over the past 15 years and the impact it’s had on our industry – both on and off screen. I love the fact that they are now launching Dandi off the back of the strong foundations they’ve already laid down. I’m sure it will be another great step towards making our industry a more inclusive and diverse place. It has my 100% backing.

    Kwadjo Dajan – Co-Founder and Creative Director, Drama, Sugar Films

    When presented with projects that don’t hit our vital D&I targets, there is now a place I can direct production companies to that can effectively and tangibly solve their issues. If I see the Dandi mark, I know they are truly committed to an inclusive workforce.

    Saskia Schuster, Comedy Controller, ITV

    For more information on Dandi and the support they offer, the team have launched a new website –

    For more details on Dandi – please go to

  • The TCN named as a CE50 company

    We’re very excited to reveal that TriForce Creative Network has been names as one of Creative England’s #CE502018 companies to watch in the coming year!

    Every year Creative England announces the CE50 list, celebrating the achievements  of the 50 best up and coming, innovative and disruptive individuals and companies across film, games and digital tech.

    It’s great to be recognised among such illustrious company for the work we do opening doors into the film and TV industry for talent from all walks of life, especially in our 15th anniversary year. 2018/19 will see some big announcements from us, so make sure you keep up to date with us and sign up to the mailing list.

    You can view the full announcement and list of all 50 companies on the Creative England website.

  • Discounts Galore for 2018!

    We’ve been working with a few of our partners to get discounts for TriForce Creative Network members, so here are all the current discounts in one place.

    MonologueSlam UK London – Earlybird discount

    Our first MonologueSlam UK of the year will be on 5th March at Theatre Royal Stratford East. Tickets are usually £10, but use code MSLAMEB when booking to get £9 tickets.

    Click here to book.

    Brown Boy Productions Showreel Day – 10% off

    Brown Boy Productions are running one of their Showreel Days in London on Sunday 11th March. Quote TRIFORCE when booking to get 10% off. You’ll get a bespoke, fully produced showreel scene. Their full price is £180 so with our discount you’ll pay £162.

    Email [email protected] to book and don’t forget to quote TRIFORCE.

    Click here for more information and examples of previous work.

    Actor’s Studio Level 2 and 3 courses – 10% off

    Actors Studio are based at the world famous Pinewood Studios. Their classes focus on acting for camera. The Level 2 and Level 3 courses are held on Sundays, with each course offering 10 weekly sessions. Just use discount code TRIFORCE when booking online, or quote TriForce if booking over the phone.

    Click here for more information.


  • Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE commits £1 million to support diversity and inclusion in the UK short film industry

    We’re very excited to announce that TriForce Creative Network will be working with Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE, on his newly launched £1m fund for short film.

    UK based philanthropist, executive producer of multi-award winning short films and TriForce Short Film Festival partner and judge, Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE has announced he is committing £1 million to short films with the aim of supporting diversity and inclusion in the UK film industry, and promoting upcoming talent from across the UK.

    Allesch-Taylor commented: ‘It’s about promoting diversity and inclusion in the UK film industry at this critical time. It’s about producing short films which showcase best in class talent. The UK is proudly multi-cultural and if there’s any doubt about that remember there are over 300 languages spoken in this country.  I don’t think the news cycle has ever been more daunting than it is now – much of which is being driven by what divides us. Supporting diversity and inclusion in all walks of British life has never been more important. The film industry has been in the spotlight recently and frankly it’s clear to everyone it needs a serious and meaningful shake up.  Promoting diversity and inclusion has to be a key part of that.’

    He continues: ‘Helping filmmakers get their first break, or to be able to take the next step in their careers, is really rewarding and by focusing on short films the filmmakers and talent are under real pressure to make an impression in a structured and professional way. We have no preconceived ideas of the type of short films we’ll back and I think that’s what makes it interesting for my team. It’s a continuation of what we’re already doing. I want to get the message out there now to go beyond the borders of my immediate network and open up the opportunity to all UK talent.  I’m interested in a completely transparent approach to promoting talent on its own merit alone. These grants will ensure the integrity of that process.’

    The money will be administered by Allesch-Taylor’s team which will work alongside talent development organisation TriForce Creative Network, the organisers of the annual TriForce Short Film Festival.

    While there are no strict guidelines for eligibility, the grants will typically range between £5,000 and £20,000, and will primarily be awarded to UK projects.

     ‘I don’t care what background you have, if you are in the film industry in the UK, then we all need to be thinking about the issues of diversity and inclusion in a genuine and positive way right now.’

    Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE will be attending the TriForce Short Film Festival on 2 December, as judge and partner. To see the festival schedule and buy tickets, visit


    Expressions of interest from filmmakers, please contact Charles Kay: [email protected]
    (Please include: Short Films Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE in the subject line).

    Twitter: @stefanmeansbiz