The TCN Writers Incubator

The TCN Writers Incubator

The incubator will run from April 2017 – September 2018

The 6 selected writers are:

Mariama Ives-Moiba

Tsonko Bumbalov

Sharma Walfall

Sam Benjamin

Shimon Greenidge Forsyth

Janice Hallett

Our 6 selected writers are on a journey with TriForce Creative Network. The will receive:

  • Paid development commission with TriForce Productions
  • One-to-one mentoring on scripts, pitches and personal goals
  • Personal ‘Facilitation Fund’ for travel, child-care, carers allowance etc.
  • Industry professional led workshops and seminars throughout the year
  • Direct connections and introductions to decision makers and commissioners
  • Guaranteed push of project/s to numerous broadcasters & commissioners
  • Support and knowledge share with other ‘incubees’
  • Raising of profile within the industry, through press and exposure

Check out the blog updates below for more news.

This programme is supported by Creative Skillset’s HETV Levy.


The six finalists have been chosen! TriForce Productions, in association with Creative Skillset, have awarded six writers paid development commissions as part of a completely new model of finding and...

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Saturday 1st April was the TriForce Creative Network Incubator Selection Day hosted at Spotlight and the TCN team were so happy to meet the writers of the 20 selected TCN Incubator scripts....

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TriForce Creative Network, in association with Creative Skillset, are excited present the TCN Incubator Shortlist! The standard was extremely high and it was a feat bringing it down to just...

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The TCN Writers Incubator has launched! We are very pleased to launch The TriForce Creative Network Writers Incubator in association with Creative Skillset. We’re looking for people who are serious...

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