The TriForce Creative Network was founded in 2003 with a core focus of addressing the issues in our industry regarding diversity, inclusion, access, and social mobility.

Over the past 20 years, the TCN/DandI.org.uk has altered the routes of access for thousands of individuals and affected fundamental change in how our industry discovers and engages with diverse talent, the impact of which can be seen through the uplift in on and off-screen representation and the talent we have supported over the years that now populate the TV & Film industry.

Insisting on maintaining free access to the talent we support and a focus on ‘tangible outcomes’, we have built a firm reputation of trust amongst broad demographics and grown an extensive network of diverse talent from across the UK that now stands at over 60,000 creatives (Actors and Writers) and 28,000 Production crew (from HoD, Execs and Producers all the way through to DoP’s, MUAs, Runners and Researchers).

Alongside TriForce Productions, MonologueSlam, WriterSlam and the TriForce Short film Festival, we have delivered on and off-screen talent to the likes of Amazon, HBO, BBC, NBC, Channel 4, Netflix and ITV, and as a vocal champion of inclusion worked with the CDN and PACT to help increase access to talent from all walks of life.