The TCN Writers Incubator

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The TCN Incubator was a writing programme delivered by TriForce Creative Network and funded by Screen Skills which ran from April 2017 – September 2018.

The 6 selected writers were:

Mariama Ives-Moiba

Tsonko Bumbalov

Sharma Walfall

Sam Benjamin

Shimon Greenidge Forsyth

Janice Hallett

Each writer received:

  • Paid development commission with TriForce Productions
  • One-to-one mentoring on scripts, pitches and personal goals
  • Personal ‘Facilitation Fund’ for travel, child-care, carers allowance etc.
  • Industry professional led workshops and seminars throughout the year
  • Direct connections and introductions to decision makers and commissioners
  • Guaranteed push of project/s to numerous broadcasters & commissioners
  • Support and knowledge share with other ‘incubees’
  • Raising of profile within the industry, through press and exposure

Check out the blog updates below for more news.


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