Newcastle MonologueSlam Update

We are sad to announce that this year’s planned Newcastle MonologueSlam on 05 June 2020 at Northern Stage has been cancelled.

We feel that to push ahead with the event at this time would be irresponsible.

This means the auditions and Masterclass have also been cancelled.

We’re going to put a pause on all MonologueSlam events, until we’re a bit clearer about how we might be able to move forward. After all, MonologueSlam is all about bringing people together, so for the present, we’re going to need to find a safer way to do that!

We appreciate many of you will be disappointed (the auditions were full already), but I hope you understand that we have to put people’s safety first.

Keep in touch with us on social media and our mailing list for more updates as things develop.

Big love from all at team TriForce.