Need advice on how to find jobs within the TV & Film industry?

There are SO many places to find entry level TV and Film jobs and opportunities. The most obvious place we can recommend to find jobs is right HERE on our TCN Talent Pool (it’s completely free to set up a profile and apply for job opportunities!), but we’ll give you a run down on some of the places you should looking to find the best opportunities out there and how to maximise your chances of landing your perfect job!

Some top tips for Job hunting:

● Always answer your phone!

It can sometimes feel a little daunting picking up the phone to unknown numbers, BUT this will help to make sure you never miss an opportunity as jobs can go quickly! Same with emails…Always check your inbox/spam often!

CV Tips

  • If you’re happy for your CV to be passed around for employment purposes a way that makes it extra clear and speedy for potential employers to know about you, save your CV file name as ‘NAME – CURRENT JOB TITLE – DATE AVAILABILE FROM’. If you’re starting out in the industry or unsure what to put as your current job title, put the role which you are looking to apply for e.g. Runner. (it’s also a good idea to put a GDPR statement on your CV!)

● Tailor your CV to the job you’re applying to. You can have different CVs for different roles/genres and use experience that suits each one. You can write things like ‘I am keen to gain experience in TV and have a particular interest in X Y Z’. This will give whoever is reading your cv an idea of what you are interested in and where they can place you

● Make your skills clear on your CV. e.g. If you can drive, TELL US on your CV.

Our Tips for Cover Letters:

  1. Keep it short
  2. Tell them where you saw the advert and what the role is you’re applying for
  3. Put the information they’ve asked for first. Did they ask if you have a driving licence? If you’re based in a certain area? If you’re available for certain dates? Then answer their questions first, in a really easy to read way – think bullet points!
  4. Check your spelling and wording. It just doesn’t look great if you haven’t taken the time to check your spelling, or if you’ve copied and pasted a bit from a previous application and haven’t changed the company name for example. Make sure it’s accurate!
  5. Do not write one ‘cover letter’ and use that for all applications. It is obvious if it’s a copy and paste job.

When writing a cover letter a basic thing is to put yourself in the shoes of whoever is reading your application and to try and make it as easy for them to pick out why you are right for the job!

Places to find jobs and opportunities!

· TriForce Creative Network Talent Pool – on the TCN Talent Pool website you will find some of the best opportunities available in TV and Film for all kinds of roles and levels of experience. All you need to do is sign up to our Talent Pool and from there you can apply to all the amazing jobs that we update everyday! It’s free to set up a profile and apply for as many job opportunities as you like!

● Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a key way people of all levels find jobs in the industry. From Costume Networking groups to Sound TV and Film jobs groups, there are Facebook groups for whatever department you’re looking for. Here are some of the best groups on Facebook for opportunities, but there’s LOTS more:

  • People in TV: Runners, opportunities for entry-level work –
  • Neel Mookherjee’s Facebook TV, film and video jobs groups with over 125000 total UK members so far. All Neel’s groups have a strong ethical focus –


LinkedIn is a great place to connect with people who are working in the roles you aspire to work in and is also a great space for hiring. Get a profile set up and start to grow your network!

● Other Places

Jobs and opportunities can be found in other places too. Make sure you check these sites for some of the amazing things they put out.

– BBC Writersroom always have great opportunities available

– Triple C/DANC

– Screen Yorkshire

– Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN)

– Creative Diversity Network

– Screenskills for all kinds of info, training and opportunities related to TV and Film

– Screen Alliance Wales for education and training opportunities in Wales