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  • Pick the Perfect Drama School Audition Monologue

    With drama school auditions in full swing, it can be tricky knowing where to start in selecting monologue’s which will showcase your acting skills in their best light.

    As working actors who have experienced drama school auditions themselves and seen thousands of auditions for MonologueSlam, who better to share their monologue suggestions and tips than the TriForce team, Jimmy, Fraser and Minnie.


    Classic Monologues

    Jimmy: I would recommend Hamlet or Macbeth, Lago and Titus because I feel they are good for most male actors between 20 – 30 trying to get into drama school and aren’t too hard to relate to.

    Minnie: Phoebe from As You Like It, Emilia’s speech in Othello (Act 4, Scene 3) – it’s a great contemporary feeling speech, focusing on the fact women and men are not so different, and that what is acceptable for the men, is too for women.

    Fraser: Remember there’s more than just Shakespeare! Marlowe, Johnson, Ibsen. Many writers themes and messages speak to a modern audience. Don’t be afraid to shop around as hearing something different is always a joy.


    “When performing, don’t think about how they would like you to do it, do your version!”
    Jimmy Akingbola


    Contemporary Monologues

    Jimmy: I would recommend any monologues from writers such as Che Walker, Roy Williams, Joe Penhall and Debbie Tucker Green. They are writers that are current and their characters are challenging for the actor. If you do it right you will impress the drama school, plus they have so many plays to choose from, so schools won’t think ‘we have heard this speech millions of times.’

    Minnie: For great female characters, look to modern female playwrights like April de Angelis, Polly Stenham and Chloe Moss. I’d also recommend Duncan Macmillan‘s play ‘Lungs’ for great female monologues.

    Fraser: If you’re looking to make an impression then look at the works of Philip Ridley. Very few writers can convey as much depth and feeling as he does.

    General Do’s and Don’ts

    Jimmy: Don’t pick a piece if it’s so far away from your own age. When performing, don’t think about how they would like you to do it, do your version! That’s what will make you stand out.

    Minnie: Do learn it properly. The writer has written those words and punctuation for a reason. However, don’t beat yourself up if you go wrong in the audition, it’s how you recover from a mistake that matters.

    Don’t just learn the words – its got to sound like it’s the first time anyone has said these words, not like you’re reciting something you’ve learnt. Learn it so well it’s just ingrained in you, and you can think about the feelings behind it, rather than what comes next.

    Fraser: Don’t stare into an imaginary spot behind your audience’s head. Engage your audience (without staring them down!) and be sure to tell a story. Unless it’s a soliloquy, monologues are always written directed at a person. See your audience as that person and give it to them!

    Watch some of the performances from MonologueSlam for inspiration.

  • TriForce Talent Nominated for IARA Awards

    Over the years, our initiatives at TriForce Creative Network have showcased some fantastic talent and had support from well-known faces in the industry. We’re excited that some of our network have been nominated for the IARA’s!

    The International Achievement Recognition Awards were founded in 2014, aimed at celebrating exceptional talent and organisations, recognising the hard work of those in Theatre, Music, Films/TV and Fashion.

    IARA acknowledge the significant efforts of extraordinary talents irrespective of their race, belief, disability, gender, age sexual orientation or religion.

    Kiran Sonia Sawar
    Kiran graduated from The Oxford School of Drama in 2012 and went on to perform at MonologueSlam in 2013, choosing a hilarious Tina Fey monologue. Since then, Kiran has many theatre credits to her name from the Cockpit Theatre, The Arcola, Tron Theatre, Unicorn Theatre, Oxford Playhouse and Southwark Playhouse. Her screen debut was in Holby City and she went on play the lead in the fantastic ‘Murdered By My Father’ on BBC Three. She is represented by United Agents.

    Kiran has been nominated for Best Actress and Best Young Actress in Film/TV/Drama for Murdered By My Father.


    Waleed Elgadi
    Waleed was the winner of the very first MonologueSlam in LA, held at The Chinese Theatre in May 2016. He then went on to win the National Final at Stratford East in December 2016. Waleed worked extensively across Film, Television and Theatre both in the UK and internationally and is represented by Sainou.

    Waleed has been nominated for Best Emerging Actor for his role in Julius Caesar at the RSC.



    Jane Gull
    Jane won an award at the TriForce Short Film Festival in 2014 for her film Sunny Boy. The film was shown on Channel 4 and had huge success at numerous festivals. Following her short film success, Jane produced the feature My Feral Heart, where Luke, an independent young man with Down’s syndrome stumbles upon a wild and life changing friendship.
    Jane is nominated for Best Feature/Independent Film for My Feral Heart. 

    Nathan Byron

    Nathan Byron came to our attention at the TriForce Short Film Festival in 2014, co-directing and producing his own short film YouTroll, where he was selected as a finalist. Nathan is also a talented actor, with featured roles in Some Girls and Benidorm.
    Nathan is nominated for Best Emerging Actor for his role in Benidorm. 



    Both Ellen Thomas and Nicholas Pinnock are huge supporters of TriForce Creative Network. Both champion inclusivity in our industry and always align themselves with the right opportunities as actors.

    Ellen has been nominated for Best Female Stage Performance in The Hotel Cerise.
    Nicholas has been nominated for Best Male Stage Performance in The Royale. 

    To see the rest of the nominations, visit: http://www.iara-awards.com/news/

    The winners will be announced on Saturday 2nd September at Stratford Town Hall. Click here to purchase a ticket.

    Good luck to all!


  • MonologueSlam LDN Winners!

    The first MonologueSlam LDN of 2015 went off with a bang last night! The fabulous industry panel included Rachel Freck, Casting Director, Rachel Sheridan, Casting Director, Hamish Pirie, Associate Director at The Royal Court Theatre, Bob Carlton, Director and Writer, as well as not one, but two agents, with Jackie Williamson from Williamson & Holme and Jennifer Withers from Stevenson Withers. Both agents have taken on clients from MonologueSlam UK in the past and are big supporters!

    Congratulations to Brenock O’Connor, (who recently appeared in Game of Thrones!) who won the Youth Round title, with Michael Bunani receiving a Special Mention from the judges. The 2014 National Champion, Sam Hevicon, showed he’d still got it, taking home the 1 Minute Round trophy, with Alexandra Da Silva receiving a Special Mention. In the 3 Minute Round, Naomi Bullock (who’ll shortly be appearing in the renowned News Revue at The Canal Cafe Theatre), received a Special Mention, and James Corrigan took the title. James was also named Overall Winner, which means he’ll go through to the national final of MonologueSlam UK in London on 14th December, for the chance to win a year’s free membership to Spotlight, not to mention the title of MonologueSlam UK Champion of 2015! Brenock, Sam and James will be invited back to the next MonologueSlam UK to defend their titles.

    To see details of all our winners click here.

    The evening was hosted by our very own Chizzy Akudolu, with You Tube sensation Sherika Sherard performing for the audience, as well as the wonderful improv team, Shoot From the Hip!

    The next MonologueSlam LDN is VERY soon, on 20th April, with auditions taking place in a few weeks time, so don’t forget, if you are interested in auditioning for the next MonologueSlam, wherever you are in the UK, you need to sign up to our mailing list for advance notification of auditions – good luck!

  • MonologueSlam Success Stories – Ambreen Razia

    We’re going to be checking in with some of our previous MonologueSlam UK performers to find out how taking part in MonologueSlam has helped their career – first up it’s Ambreen Razia, who performed at the February 2014 Slam in London.

    What made you decide to audition for MonologueSlam UK?

    I knew a few people who had already done it, they said it was such a fantastic experience which made me want to give it a shot. They also said the exposure you get as an actor is like no other.

    How was the audition process?

    Very relaxed! A friendly environment,  I have auditioned a few times and never once has it felt competitive, everyone is very supportive of each other.

    What was the MonologueSlam UK experience like?

    It was so much more than what I had hoped or expected, The night went by like a shot, It was an experience I will never forget and the atmosphere was electric.

    What has happened in your career as a result of the Slam?

    After the slam I had meetings with various different agents along with some of the casting directors who were there that evening. I have now been signed to Simon & How Associates and just recently had an audition at The National Theatre and for the US TV series Homeland!

    You decided to order an edited Showreel of your performance – have you used this and how has it helped your career?

    I would say if your going to take part in the slams take full advantage of all of the after care your given by Tri Force. Make sure you take away any pictures or footage of your piece, its a great way to remind agents and casting directors of your performance rather than just a head shot or an email.

    If you compare where you were before taking part and where you are now, how big an impact has MonologueSlam UK has on your career?

    Before MonologueSlam it was very difficult to find work or get in contact with my chosen agencies or even casting directors, especially as a new graduate. MonologueSlam gave me the exposure I needed to take that further step into the industry. Some people have said that  University or Drama school is considered a “must” then so is MonologueSlam if not it’s more of a must.  If it wasn’t for MonologueSlam and the support of the TriForce Team I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today.

    You can check out Ambreen’s performance, see her interview with London Live to discuss Diary of a Hounslow Girl, her debut play which she performed as her monologue.  Ambreen is currently touring the UK with Diary of a Hounslow Girl.

    Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity yourself and sign up to the mailing list today!


  • MonologueSlam UK Success Stories!

    Performing at MonologueSlam UK can really take you to the next level. Since April’s event, one of our adult performers secured new representation after being spotted at the show, one of our Youth Round performers has had their very first professional casting (with a HUGE casting director, we don’t mess about!) and yet another Youth Round performer has had interest from not one, but two agents, while also being seen by a casting director for a film role.

    If you want to give you career a boost (or a kick start if you’re just starting out) then MonologueSlam UK is the place to do it. Come along to the next show at Theatre Royal Stratford East on 2nd June to size up the competition and then make sure you sign up to the mailing list to hear about the next round of auditions!