Announcing our SIDK Writers!

We’re very excited to announce our writing team for Sorry, I Didn’t Know S2!

Joining our showrunner Fraser Ayres and experienced panel show writer Mark Boutros will be two new faces who applied through our open call out. Our two new writers are:

Shikira Porter – Shikira is a screenwriter and poet who is represented by PBJ Management. She’s recently written and starred in a short film for BBC iplayer. Her jokes made the team laugh out loud and we’re excited to see her in action in the writers room.

Viv May – Viv was a huge show of the first series and her understanding of the show really stood out to the team. She was part of the 2019 Sound Up programme with Spotify which resulted in her being commissioned to write a pilot episode of a podcast. SIDK will be her first TV broadcast credit.

We’re really pleased to have both these talented writers on board! A huge thank you to everyone who entered, we had a lot of fun reading all the entries and if we’d have room to do so our writers room could have been a lot bigger!