MonologueSlam UK Success Stories – Caitlin Drabble

2015 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for TriForce with MonologueSlam UK taking over the country! Before our first show at Contact in Manchester, we wanted to share a success story from Caitlin Drabble, who trained in Manchester and took part in the London MonologueSlam UK, bagging herself an agent and a meeting with a casting director in the process!

I first became aware of MonologueSlam when I saw two of my friends tear up the stage at one of the Manchester MonologueSlams. I was blown away by the talent on display from all of the actors, but most of all, I was taken aback by the supportive atmosphere between the audience, actors and the TriForce Team. I was soon to graduate from the Manchester Met School of Theatre, and was actively looking for representation. As I’d been training in Manchester, I was very keen to break into the network that exists in London. So as soon as auditions opened for the London MonologueSlam I had signed up. Not only was it going to be in London with the opportunity for one lucky actor to go to LA, the judging panel was insane!

When I got the email through to say that I’d gained a place I was overwhelmed with excitement, and nerves! But the day came around very fast and before I knew it we were doing a run through of the show. I told myself that I just needed to trust my monologue and give it all I’ve got! The standard of the other actors was incredible! But this was never intimidating, everyone was so supportive of one another and the whole company, actors and organisers, were rooting for each other! Before I knew it the audience were in, the panel were sat in their seats, and Chizzy was calling me up! One minute and it was over. But it felt electric. Afterwards I was blown away by how generous everyone was with their support and kind words. I was awarded the ‘Special Mention’ from the judges, which was an absolute honour! Such a special night. One that I will never forget.

Following the MonologueSlam I was offered a meeting with Gary Davy, one of the casting directors on the panel. To have the opportunity to introduce myself to someone of his experience and establish a link with an incredible contact is something that I feel very lucky for. I have also just signed with Sharon Henry Management. Sharon was also a part of the panel, and offered me a meeting shortly after the Slam. I feel so lucky to be a part of her agency and very excited about the future!

It took me three shots to get into the London MonologueSlam, so for anyone thinking about auditioning, I would say keep trying! I am so grateful to the TriForce Team for giving me this opportunity. They have given me the exposure and support that I needed. And for that I can’t thank them enough!