BFI.NETWORK and Postroom

Everyone knows about the BFI, but did you know about BFI NET.WORK?
BFI NET.WORK were one of our partners for the TriForce Short Film Festival in 2015. We have a lot in common as we’re both here to support new and emerging filmmakers and help them develop their careers.

BFI NET.WORK help new Writers, Directors and Producers on the way to their first feature. The NET.WORK is a partnership that involves Creative England, Ffilm Cymru Wales, Northern Ireland Screen, Scottish Film Talent Network and Film London – with backing from the BFI. Every year they invest £3 million of National Lottery funding in new and emerging filmmakers for short film production, feature development and training opportunities, but their website is also a great resource for connecting talent with industry execs.

An exciting feature of their website is definitely the Postroom, which is a platform where anyone can share their work directly with execs – and it is guaranteed to be watched or read – allowing execs who are excited about your work to get in touch with you directly. The most outstanding short film submission of the month is highlighted via their Postroom Pick and showcased on the homepage of the site. This is a brilliant platform for emerging filmmakers to gain recognition not only from execs but among their peers too. We would suggest that any filmmaker looking to engage with funders upload their work to the Postroom as an initial point of contact.

Matimba Kabalika looks after the NET.WORK and manages the accompanying website. She originally joined the BFI in June 2012 as Assistant to Ben Roberts. Before joining the BFI she spent four years at Partizan, where she worked in production on commercials, music videos and short films, working with an array of emerging and established directing talent. Matimba tells us “the Postroom represents such an exciting opportunity for us, because it’s where we get to see work from across the UK from a diverse wealth of filmmakers who we may not have had the opportunity to engage with yet.”

The Postroom is resource that should be utilised by all emerging Writers, Directors and Producers who feel they have a compelling script or short film that has not been discovered yet. Previous Postroom Picks have gone on to attend learning and networking events that are run by the NET.WORK, and are now in talks with execs over potential new projects. Take a look at the excellent quality of chosen films, one has since been BAFTA nominated!

Discover how BFI NET.WORK can help you: