The TCN Incubator Launches!

The TCN Writers Incubator has launched!

We are very pleased to launch The TriForce Creative Network Writers Incubator in association with Creative Skillset. We’re looking for people who are serious about a TV writing career. This exciting initiative aims to change the usual routes of access and mitigate the concept of ‘risk’ that is so prevalent in our industry when engaging with new talent. Tangible and outcome focused, The TCN Incubator seeks to go beyond just another ‘program’ and bring effective and long-standing change.

You may already be an established ‘jobbing’ writer looking for the chance of your own project, or perhaps you’re brand new and desperate for your voice to be heard – you do NOT need to be represented by an agent to enter.

What will the 6 chosen writers receive?

  • PAID development commission with TriForce Productions
  • One-to-one mentoring on scripts, pitches and personal goals
  • Personal ‘Facilitation Fund’ for travel, child-care, carers allowance etc.
  • Industry professional led workshops and seminars throughout the year
  • Direct connections and introductions to decision makers and commissioners
  • Guaranteed push of project/s to numerous broadcasters & commissioners
  • Support and knowledge share with other ‘incubees’
  • Raising of profile within the industry, through press and exposure

What you need to enter:

Please read the instructions carefully, before filling in the form and attaching your documents here. We need you to provide:

  1. A 15 page extract from a TV script in either word or PDF format. Please ONLY attach 15 pages. The script can be drama or comedy and there is no limit on the number of characters. It can be the first 15 pages, or a 15 page extract from elsewhere in the script. We’re using this extract to assess your ability to write dialogue and create convincing characters, so we suggest avoiding extracts which have a large amount of description. Please name this file using the following format: lastname.firstname.titleofscript

For information on how to format a TV script, see this page on BBC Writersroom.

  1. Your CV in either Word or PDF format. Please include details of any writing experience, including any commissions, readings or script editing for example. Please name this file using the following format: lastname.firstname.CV
  1. We are also asking you to provide TWO further ideas as pitches of 500 words each. This is part of the form, you do not need to attach another document. While you should submit your strongest ideas, bear in mind showing some variety in terms of the format could strengthen your chances, for example entering a script for a returning drama as well as two pitches for mini-series or features.  This does not apply to genre, so if, say, comedy is more your bag, it is completely fine to stay with that for your script as well as your pitches, although you are welcome to submit different genres for any or all of these if you wish.

What is the submission process?

From the submissions a long list of around 20 writers will be selected and invited to a workshop day on Saturday 1st April in London, so that you can meet the other writers and we can meet you!  Over the course of this day interviews will decide the shortlist of 6 writers.

 When is the deadline for submissions?

Submissions are open from now until 23:59 on Tuesday 7 March

 Who can apply?

As is the TriForce way – pretty much everybody! There are no age, class, ethnicity, (tick your box here) restrictions. This is a fully inclusive initiative aimed at finding the best unheard talent from all walks of life, from across the UK. End of.

Building on the success of our writers initiative WriterSlam, we are asking for people who can show some experience in writing, but we’re quite flexible about what this might be. You might have had a TV development commission, have had a play script or short film script produced, or had a reading of your script with actors. This can be something you’ve produced yourself and it doesn’t need to have been a paid job – we’re keen to get the most excited and driven, not necessarily the most experienced.

You must also be based in the U.K.

The TCN Writers Incubator is a fully supported opportunity like no other giving you as a creative all the tools and opportunities to succeed, as well as providing direct access to fresh, developed new talent for the industry as a whole.

This programme is supported by Creative Skillset’s HETV Levy.