Audience Choice Winner – Abigail Blackmore

Abigail Blackmore, the director of  the 2015 TriForce Short Film Festival’s Audience Choice Award winner Vintage Blood, talks about her experience of the festival.

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My producer, Ed Barratt, and I had been trying to get funding for a feature for a year or so when it became obvious that we should make a short to add to the feature package. That way, when someone reads the screenplay, they can also see the short and get a clear idea of the tone, style and humour we’re going for.

Vintage Blood premiered at Film4 FrightFest in Leicester Square in August 2015, then went to the lovely Abertoir Horror Festival in Wales, but I thought I ought to check out what other non-horror festivals were happening this year.

The first thing that attracted me to TriForce Short Film Festival was that it was being held at BAFTA in Piccadilly. What an exciting place to screen my film!

Then as I read more, I realised this festival was a bit special. The human element came through loud and clear. TriForce is on a mission to discover and nurture new and diverse talent, to build connections and help careers. “They sound lovely!” I thought, “Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”
So I applied with Vintage Blood and was thrilled to hear that we’d been shortlisted and would definitely be screening at BAFTA.

Then the email came saying we were finalists and would be having a second screening in the evening Gala. Couldn’t be happier!

And then the icing on the already ample and delicious TriForce cake: the Audience Choice Award!

We were stunned. It took us a few seconds to stand up, so sure it wouldn’t be our film that was called out. Not because we didn’t believe in our film – we’re very proud of it! – but we were in a room full of strangers, and when strangers say they believe in your film too, well, it can knock you for a minute.

When the next award was announced, the Best of the Fest won by the very deserving Family Reunion, we clapped louder than anyone. So happy for them, knowing how they felt.

The after party is a bit of a blur but I know I talked to and hugged a lot of people. The other filmmakers, actors, creators, organisers, we were all in it together. All loving it. All feeling inspired and eager to get on with making the next thing. Which is exactly as it should be.

I hope to continue to be associated with the TriForce team and I would urge anyone with a creative soul to do the same.

And I can’t wait to start shooting my feature!